What are they?

They have only contacted Humans one time: in the USSR in 1935. According to reports they spoke some kind of Slavic dialect.
They left a writen message with about 10 sentences. They come from galaxy UDFIJ-39546284.
Estimated distance from Earth (our standard) is 13.2 billion light years.
They travel by using what other alien races call “worm-hole”, which allows them to “bend” space.
(note from myself and Petro) On the original ARB (our copy/edition), 9 of the sentences left by this race are “blacked-out”…the only one that is not is this one: “2017-2022″ According to reports they were tall, had blonde long hair and “smelled like flowers”.
The messengers

Name: 2017

From: Galaxy UDFIJ-39546284

Distance: 13.2 billion L.Y

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