What are they?

Ainanna, a race shrouded in the lore of extraterrestrial encounters, holds a unique place in human history as the inspiration behind the term “Martians.” Originating from the constellation Gemini, they are intrinsically linked to the red planet, Mars.


For millennia, Ainanna members have maintained permanent bases on Mars, where they engage in the extraction of a gold-like material. Their presence on the Martian surface has fueled human fascination and speculation about the potential inhabitants of the neighboring planet.


The first recorded encounter with Ainanna on Earth dates back to 1235 BC in Japan, marking the beginning of their interactions with humanity. Despite their distant origins, Ainanna members have continued to make sporadic appearances on Earth, with the last confirmed sighting occurring in Madagascar in 2003.


In conclusion, Ainanna and their connection to Mars, longstanding presence on the Martian surface, and intermittent interactions with humanity ignite curiosity and intrigue about the mysteries of our celestial neighbors.


Name: Ainanna

From: Constellation Gemini

Last seen: 2003

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