What are they?

ALLGRUULK (aka “the builders”)

Origin and Constellation ALLGRUULK, also known as “the builders,” hail from the Sculptor constellation. They are descendants of an ancient reptilian race that no longer exists.


Expertise in Spacecraft Construction Renowned for their exceptional skills in constructing ships and other devices crucial for deep space travel, ALLGRUULK are highly regarded for their technological prowess in crafting advanced tools for space exploration.


Nomadic Space Explorers In addition to their expertise in construction, ALLGRUULK are active space travelers themselves. They journey through space in search of new raw materials, expanding their exploration beyond their role as builders.


Longevity and Unique Lifespan ALLGRUULK individuals enjoy an impressively long lifespan, reaching up to 230 years. This extended life allows them to accumulate significant knowledge and experience, contributing to their reputation as seasoned beings.


Last Known Sighting The last documented encounter with ALLGRUULK took place near Tokyo, Japan, in 2005. Since then, their whereabouts have remained unknown, adding an air of mystery to their ongoing journey through the cosmos.

Name: Allgruulk

From: constellation sculptor

Live: up to 230 years

Category: Reptilian