What are they?

The enigmatic race known as El-Manouk, hailing from the constellation Grus near the star Alnair, stands as a paragon of peace in the cosmos. Renowned for their pacifist disposition, they hold a unique position as co-creators of the alliance of the 5 races, colloquially known as the “Council of the Five.”


Although not formal members of the Council, El-Manouk played a pivotal role in its establishment. This Council, comprising five distinct alien races, serves as humanity’s safeguard against potentially hostile entities from beyond. It was El-Manouk who coined the poignant phrase: “5 universes, 2500 species, 1 race,” encapsulating their vision of unity among cosmic civilizations.


In response to the surge of new races visiting Earth over the past 500 years, the Council scheduled a meeting on our planet during the last ten days of August in 2013. Meanwhile, El-Manouk has maintained a peaceful presence, with their last confirmed sighting near the Sea of Cortez in September 2002.


The enduring legacy of El-Manouk as ambassadors of peace and champions of intergalactic harmony serves as a testament to their profound impact on cosmic relations.



From: constellation Grus

Last seen: 2002

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