What are they?

The Kiily-Tokurt are extraterrestrial beings hailing from the constellation Vela, close to the star Suhail Al Muhllif. Standing at a maximum height of 2 meters (6 feet) and boasting a lifespan of up to 200 years, these elusive creatures possess a unique ability to shape-shift, making them challenging to detect.


During their shape-shifting, the only constant features are the size and color of their eyes. Despite their age-old existence, the Kiily-Tokurt gained notoriety for their sporadic interactions with Earth, including reported abductions of humans. The most recent confirmed sighting occurred in July 2008.


The Kiily-Tokurt’s shape-shifting prowess adds to their mysterious aura, making it difficult for researchers to study or monitor their activities. The motivations behind their interactions with humans remain unclear.


While the Kiily-Tokurt’s presence on Earth leaves much to the imagination, their distinct characteristics, such as shape-shifting abilities and enigmatic eyes, continue to fuel interest and curiosity about these ancient extraterrestrial entities.



From: constellation Vela

Live: up to 200 years

Category: abduct humans