What are they?

The Moovianthan-Kayphik, also known as the “Shining Ones,” originate from the constellation Vulpecula and hold a notable place in alleged extraterrestrial encounters. Their interactions with human leaders, including at least two USA presidents, as well as Soviet and Russian leaders, have added to their mystique.


An intriguing aspect of their presence on Earth is their exchange of limited technological advancements with humans in return for the freedom to conduct abductions. Remarkably, they conduct these abductions independently, without involving other alien races.


The Moovianthan-Kayphik have played significant roles in Siberian and Tibetan cultures, with hidden bases reportedly located in the north-facing slopes of mountains in those regions. Their influence extends beyond Earth, with reports suggesting they have colonized over 40 planets outside our solar system.


In conclusion, the Moovianthan-Kayphik, or “Shining Ones,” are a fascinating presence in alleged extraterrestrial encounters. Their meetings with human leaders, exchange of technology, and influence on Earth’s cultures make them a subject of great intrigue. Their ongoing activities continue to capture the imagination of those interested in the mysteries of outer space.



From: constellation Vulpecula

Live: unknown

Category: abduct