ALLGRUULK, also known as "the builders," originates from the Sculptor constellation. They are the descendants of an ancient reptilian race that has long since gone extinct. Renowned for their expertise in constructing spacecraft and other devices essential for deep space travel, ALLGRUULK is a highly advanced civilization.

In addition to their proficiency in building technology, they are avid space travelers, exploring the cosmos in search of new raw materials to further advance their technological capabilities.

With an impressive lifespan, ALLGRUULK members can live up to 230 years, showcasing their resilience and longevity.

The last documented sighting of ALLGRUULK occurred near Tokyo, Japan, in 2005. Since then, their activities and whereabouts remain a mystery, leaving the Earth's inhabitants intrigued by the enigmatic builders from Sculptor.






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Model’s height: 4’2.2”/184 cm
Model is wearing: Size Large
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Main: 76% Polyester, 24% Elastane.