What are they?

Ramay, originating from Capella in the Auriga constellation, represent a peaceful and intriguing presence in the realm of alleged extraterrestrial encounters. Notably, they have endeavored to coexist harmoniously with humans, leaving a lasting impact on Earth’s history.


One of their most notable contributions is believed to be the establishment of the Mayan civilization in South America. It is said that they facilitated the development of Mayan culture by relocating humans from various parts of the world to this region. As a race of scientists, the Ramay imparted knowledge to the Mayans, particularly in the fields of astronomy and timekeeping.


Interestingly, the Ramay departed from Earth during the height of the Mayan civilization. Following their departure, the Mayans adopted the practice of blood sacrifices in their honor, a development that marks a significant shift in Mayan culture.


Despite their departure, the Ramay have purportedly returned to Earth on numerous occasions since then. The last confirmed sighting of the Ramay occurred in Bora-Bora in 2001, underscoring their enduring presence and ongoing interactions with humanity.


In conclusion, the Ramay are a peaceful extraterrestrial race from Capella in the Auriga constellation. They played a significant role in the formation of the Mayan civilization, imparting knowledge in astronomy and timekeeping. Despite leaving Earth during the Mayans’ peak, they have reportedly returned multiple times. The last sighting was in Bora-Bora in 2001, highlighting their ongoing connection with humanity.


Name: Ramay

From: constellation Auriga

Last seen: 2001

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