The invisibles

What are they?

“The Invisibles” emerge as a curious enigma among alleged extraterrestrial encounters. They are known for their near-invisibility, often observed near high-security zones, yet remaining undetectable to the naked eye. Both the USA and Russian military have developed radar technology to track their ships, highlighting the seriousness with which their presence is regarded.


Despite their elusive nature, several distinctive traits are associated with “The Invisibles.” Witnesses report a distinct sour smell in their presence, providing a subtle indication of their proximity. Additionally, they are said to occasionally manifest as smudged-like figures near windows, with some instances captured on CCTV footage. The curious behavior of dogs, who bark incessantly when they are nearby, further adds to the intrigue surrounding their presence.


Originating from the constellation Mensa, the purpose behind their visits to Earth remains a mystery. Their mysterious presence near sensitive areas and their ability to evade detection by conventional means raise questions about their intentions and capabilities. As humanity grapples with the enigma of “The Invisibles,” they serve as a poignant reminder of the vastness and complexity of the universe, prompting reflection on the mysteries that lie beyond our understanding.

The invisibles

Name: The invisibles

From: constellation Mensa

Live: up to 230 years

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