What are they?

The Allmahuluk-Strat-163, a race steeped in mystery and technological prowess, have left an indelible mark on the annals of alleged extraterrestrial encounters. Their history intertwines with ancient India, where they engaged in a protracted battle against the Reptoids, resulting in their expulsion from Earth after approximately 200 years of visitation, though the exact date remains unknown.


Despite their forced departure, the Allmahuluk-Strat-163 resumed their visits to Earth in 1948, captivating the imagination of those intrigued by their enigmatic presence. Renowned for their advanced technology, their ships are often rendered invisible to both radar and the human eye. Additionally, they are said to possess attire that cloaks them in invisibility, further enhancing their elusive nature.


Originating from Jupiter or one of its moons, the Allmahuluk-Strat-163 continue to intrigue with their secretive maneuvers and advanced capabilities. The last confirmed sighting of this enigmatic race occurred in Portugal in May 2005, underscoring their enduring presence and ongoing interactions with humanity.


In conclusion, the Allmahuluk-Strat-163 stand and their  history, advanced technology, and elusive nature spark curiosity and speculation among those fascinated by the mysteries of the cosmos.



From: jupiters moon

Last seen: 2005

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