What are they?

The Hav-Hannuae-Kondras are believed to be extraterrestrial beings from the Sextans Dwarf SPH galaxy. According to reports, they first visited Earth in 934 AD in what is now Romania. Unfortunately, their actions have been associated with disturbing activities, such as abducting and killing humans. Even more unsettling is the claim that they engage in the consumption of human and animal blood, which has contributed to the myth of vampires.


These beings are said to be behind the creation of the vampire legend, adding a dark element to human folklore. Shockingly, there are reports suggesting that certain human governments are aware of and, in some cases, accept their actions. Disturbingly, the bodies of the humans they interact with are allegedly never returned.


The last confirmed sighting of the Hav-Hannuae-Kondras occurred in Scotland in 1996. This encounter serves as a recent example of their mysterious and unsettling presence. Their association with the vampire myth and the reports of their actions add a layer of complexity and caution to the exploration of alleged extraterrestrial interactions.


In simple terms, the Hav-Hannuae-Kondras are a mysterious group from another galaxy with a dark reputation for their involvement in human abductions, killings, and blood consumption. Their connection to the vampire myth and the suggestion that certain governments are aware of their actions make their story both eerie and intriguing.



From: Sextans Dwarf SPH galaxy

Live: Unknown

Category: Abduct Humans