What are they?

The Indugutk, also known as the “Tall Whites,” represent an  extraterrestrial race with a significant presence on and within the Moon. They maintain several bases where they conduct secretive mining operations, although the exact material they extract remains unknown.


Remarkably, the Indugutk employ slaves to carry out much of their work, valuing these individuals as indispensable and ensuring their well-being. Despite their secretive nature, they are in frequent contact with high-ranking officials from the governments of the USA, China, and Russia Federation.


One of the most intriguing aspects of the Indugutk is their ability to shape-shift into an almost perfect human form. Often referred to as “Men in Black,” they don special dark suits to protect their skin while assuming human guise during covert operations on Earth.


In summary, the Indugutk stand as an enigma in the realm of  extraterrestrial encounters.



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