What are they?

The elusive beings identified as Jefok hail from the constellation Indus. Revered by other extraterrestrial species as “peace-brokers,” they boast highly advanced technological prowess.


Their inaugural recorded visitation to Earth traces back to 1500 BC, with significant encounters occurring in more contemporary epochs. Jefok purportedly convened with JFK a mere three weeks preceding his untimely demise, along with various other prominent global figures. However, subsequent to JFK’s tragic assassination, their presence on Earth has remained unobserved.


In the year 1965, Jefok relayed a message to the leaders of human nations wielding nuclear capabilities, although the precise contents of this communication remain veiled in secrecy.


The noticeable absence of Jefok since JFK’s assassination, coupled with the cryptic nature of their engagements with humanity, continues to ignite speculation and fascination within the realm of extraterrestrial discourse.



From: constellation Indus

first visit: 1500 BC

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