What are they?

Killimat-Arr, also known as K-ARR, emerge as a mysterious extraterrestrial race hailing from the constellation Crux, near Gacrux. Elusive and difficult to track, they present a challenge for both the USA and Russian military, who have developed specialized camera and radar systems to detect their presence on Earth. Despite these efforts, sightings of K-ARR are exceedingly rare, with only eight recorded instances.


The purpose behind their presence remains shrouded in mystery, leaving humanity to speculate about their intentions. Intriguingly, when sightings do occur, they often take place within the enigmatic area known as the Bermuda Triangle, adding to the mystique surrounding this elusive race.


In conclusion, KILLIMAT-ARR, or K-ARR, remain a captivating mystery in the world of alleged extraterrestrial encounters. Their elusive nature and sparse sightings, often within the Bermuda Triangle, leave us with more questions than answers about their intentions and origins.


Name: Allgruulk

From: constellation sculptor

Live: up to 230 years

Category: Reptilian