What are they?

The Kurs, also known as the “Gods of Lands,” are believed to be linked to the Anunnaki race and hail from the planet Dillimuns. This enigmatic race plays a pivotal role in the narrative surrounding Enlil and Ninlil, contributing to the rich tapestry of ancient myths.


Notably, the Kurs were directly involved in shaping the development of the human race during its early stages. After spending centuries away from Earth, there are reports indicating a recent return of the Kurs, with their own leader counted among the most recent visitors.


In a surprising turn, it is said that the Kurs have decided to stay on Earth permanently, anticipating a significant role in the unfolding years. A distinctive aspect of their lifestyle involves immersing themselves in a precious gold-like liquid, believed to extend their lifespan.


In essence, the Kurs present a captivating chapter in extraterrestrial lore, closely associated with the Anunnaki and the ancient tales of Enlil and Ninlil. Their recent return and the prospect of a permanent presence on Earth hint at an intriguing future role that captures the imagination and curiosity of those fascinated by cosmic mysteries.


Name: KURS

From: Planet Dillimuns

Live: Extended

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