What are they?

The Kyllimir-Auk,  from the constellation Volans, stand as an intriguing  extraterrestrial race. Classified as a “mystery race,” sightings of them on Earth are infrequent, adding an air of enigma to their existence.


They were prohibited from visiting Earth around the year 1,000 BC, yet they persisted in occasional visits due to their alliance with another extraterrestrial race, the Maitre. This partnership allowed them to maintain a subtle presence on our planet despite the imposed restrictions.


The last confirmed sighting of the Kyllimir-Auk on Earth dates back to December of 1989,  This prolonged absence has only deepened the curiosity surrounding the nature and purpose of their visits.


In essence, the Kyllimir-Auk remain a mysterious race, with their enigmatic presence tied to both ancient prohibitions and alliances with other extraterrestrial beings. Their appearances on Earth contribute to the enduring fascination with these elusive cosmic entities.



From: Constellation Volans

Live: Unknown

Category: Reptilian