Originating from the Vela constellation, specifically near the star Suhail Al Muhlif, the Kil'Tokurians are an enigmatic extraterrestrial race. Standing at a formidable 2 meters (6 feet) in height, these beings possess an impressive lifespan, living up to 200 Earth years.

One of the Kil'Tokurians' most intriguing abilities is their mastery of shape-shifting, rendering them exceptionally elusive and difficult to detect. During this transformative process, they have the extraordinary capacity to alter their appearance, manipulating their form to blend seamlessly with their surroundings. However, the size and color of their eyes remain the constant, unaltered elements, providing a unique signature to keen observers.

Renowned as one of the oldest known extraterrestrial races, the Kil'Tokurians possess ancient wisdom and knowledge that has been passed down through generations. Their long existence is marked by a deep understanding of the cosmos and the intricate interplay of celestial forces.

While their intentions remain a subject of mystery, it is known that Kil'Tokurians have been involved in the abduction of humans. The reasons behind these encounters are unclear, adding an element of intrigue to their interactions with Earth.

The last documented sighting of Kil'Tokurians on Earth dates back to July 2008. However, given their elusive nature and ability to remain undetected, their current activities and whereabouts remain unknown, leaving humanity to wonder about the enigmatic Kil'Tokurians and their potential influence on our world.



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Model’s height: 4’2.2”/184 cm
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