What are they?

The Rak, one of the least documented extraterrestrial races in encounters with Earth, have been recorded visiting our planet only five times. Their presence in the Middle East is linked to the creation of the belief in “Jinn” or “genies” in Islamic mythology.


According to some Muslim scholars, the Rak inhabit an unseen world beyond the dimensions of our universe. Reports from other alien races suggest that the Rak ceased visiting Earth due to difficulties with Earth’s flora and fauna overwhelming their immune systems.


The last recorded visit of the Rak occurred in 712 AD, marking a distant encounter with this enigmatic extraterrestrial race. Despite their infrequent visits, their influence on human mythology and their unique circumstances make them a compelling subject of interest in the exploration of alleged extraterrestrial encounters.


Name: Rak

From: Unknown

Last seen: 712 AD

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